Dog Ring Bearer Outfit


dog-ring-bearer-outfit Dog Ring Bearer Outfit

Dog Ring Bearer Outfit – No matter what style or shape of diamond is on your engagement ring, odds are that big old diamond is sticking up just waiting to be knocked off or ruined. How horrible would it be to lose or break the diamond off that altered your life? What do you do to protect your pride and pleasure, besides the insurance you purchased? The answer is simple; look into ring protection. There is an infinite of variety of diamond guards and wraps available to protect your investment. From the easiest appearance of a ring to fancy ring protection, you are certain to fine the best fit and protection for your engagement ring.

The very first point to research is what kind of shield will accentuate and enhance the beauty and elegance of your ring. Of course, you want to match the metal color of your ring identically so if your engagement ring is gold, you might choose to purchase a platinum or white gold ring protector. The same applies with a yellow gold engagement ring. Now don’t believe you must match the metal karat, 14 or 18 karat gold possess the same shimmer and gloss in the two karat purity and in white or yellow gold. For the sole purpose of protection, unless you’re dead set on matching the karat, 14k is a more cost efficient way to go in ring guards.

There are literally hundreds of styles to choose from when looking for a ring protector. Get online and do a little shopping around for the style you believe will work best and look amazing around your engagement ring. This way you will not spend hours in the jewellery shop looking through catalogs of ring guards. Begin with the question, fancy or simple? Do you want the ring protector to better your ring with beautiful stones of its own or just protect the rock that brings you so much pride? The options are endless and the choice is ultimately yours.

You have the option of adding color to a engagement ring by using precious and semi-precious stones in a ring shield. The latest trend in ring guards is to add a dash of color with the addition of birth stones or matching eye colors, the options available number as many as there are sparkling stars in the sky on a transparent summer night. Using diamonds in a ring shield to surround your engagement ring, is certainly beautiful and certainly will boost the ring but is the most costly of pearl guards. The cost of the engagement ring itself shouldn’t be overshadowed by the cost of a ring protector. It is an accepted and common practice to have cubic zirconia stones complimenting your diamond solitaire while subtly protecting your investment.

Filigree, vintage, halo, cathedral, and many more designs of ring protection are available to choose from, some completely changing the appearance of your engagement ring, some just protecting it. Fancy ring protects accentuate while they protect, while providing your participation ring a fresh and refined appearance, adding stones or color to a left hand. It is ultimately up to you, but the main point is, your ring deserves to be shielded so it will last a life and you’ll never need to have the heartbreak of damage or loss of the most life changing piece of fine jewelry you own.

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